Division 4 – Clap Your Hands / We Found love

Out on: King Of House


We are proud to introduce our 5th release on King Of House records. This time a very complete release with two amazing summer track and two DJ tools from Division 4. Division 4 is an electronic dance music producer and DJ haling from Sydney, Australia. His sound has been described as ‘Electro Fusion: Perfectly blending pop music sensibility with electronic underground charm.’ He is renowned for his ability to seamlessly metamorphose genres into his own signature energy and fuse them into his own funk-fuelled groove. His style ranges across multiple genres including house, nu disco, deep house and club house. Both tracks are defined by the artist like: Serving up a dreamy slice of funky house with a soundscape constructed of warmth, depth and retro atmosphere. Let’s welcome to the King of House to DIVISION 4. Push Play & Enjoy


Release: KOH005MX

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