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Voice – overs
We are your voice over experts, providing voice recording, voice production, and can supply professional voice talent for Radio and TV advertising, Corporate narration, and many more. We offer a diverse range of services catering to your specific requirements, including voice-overs for: commercials, documentaries, audio books, internet, promos, industrials, multimedia, podcasts, and radio programming.
Whether you need voice-over for a fifteen second television advertisement, a one-hour documentary or a whole series of corporate videos, we can provide you with high quality service for your production. Our studio is equipped with professional top end microphones and monitoring systems, as well as a full range of effects to give any soundtrack or voice-over recorded that dynamic edge. Coupled with our wide library of sound effects and loyalty free music, we offer complete voice-over production services, from recording voice, editing the audio, using effects and dynamics to sweeten the sound, to mixing it with a music bed and sound effects that bring your production to life.

Musiczone Production Team is an alliance of marketing professionals and musicians raising the standard of production for radio, TV and online advertisers and voice-overs, something extra to boost brand recognition, sales and profits. Harness the persuasive power of commercial radio with Musiczone jingles – your company or product name can become known to many thousands who regularly hear your jingle. We produce an outstanding voice talent commercial which gives the listener the clearest idea of your products or services.

Vocal Lines/Lyrics

We record professional custom vocals. Original topline writing, sessions, backing harmonies and voiceovers. Our team of vocalists will work on your project, wherever you are in the world. We record for people just starting out, to major record labels, production companies and brands.
Let’s talk about your project and If you would like a personal budget, no problem – send us a Email to studio@musiczonerecords.com


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