A quality mixdown in a professional studio is a vital part of a good music production. It is mostly about finding the right final sound to bring the best out of the song in its genre, and further to implement the vision of the producer and artist. We use specific techniques and equipment to make your song sound its best through the radio, TV, and consumer audio systems. We will work to make your music sound great and fit your production to the taste of listeners.

We specialize in mixing for the genres of Pop, RnB, Dance, and Electronic. Our studio is equipped with lots of outboard gear as well as countless digital software plugins. We are fully compatible with ProTools and Logic. If your project is in another format, this shouldn’t be a problem for us.


How can I get my song to you for mixing?   How does it work?

1.) eMail us to let us know that you need a mixing, and ask us about the rate to studio@musiczonerecords.com.
2.) export your session in either single audio tracks all starting at bar 0, or use the OMF export function. If you are working with Logic or Protools, just send us your whole PT or Logic session.

2.) Zip your project and upload it to the server for which an address will be provided by eMail.

3.) Tell us what sound you need and describe what’s important for you. Send some reference songs if you wish, or if you have a particular association of the sound, simply let us know.
4.) Receive the mix from us from us in good quality, one mastered and one premastered. Tell us how you like it. We can make any changes you may want. We don’t bill you extra for that. We mix until you are satisfied, and you pay only when you’re satisfied.

5.) After final review, and your satisfaction, you will get your invoice including VAT, and we also grant all rights you will need to use your mix.


How do I export a ProTools – Logic 9 or X session for mixdown? Can you open my ProTools – Logic 9 or X session?

For sending Logic-Sessions: Make sure that you have all audio in one folder, which is located in your main session folder. Use the consolidate or merge function if your audiofiles are on different folders or hard disks. Take care that you name the files properly. Don’t use special characters like ” . , /  ” in your audiofile names.
Pack the whole session folder in a zip, or several zip files. Then you can upload the zip files to our server for mixing.

What format should audio files have for a mixdown, and what format do I get mixed back?

If you send single audio tracks, the format should be AIF or WAV, in 16 or 24bit format, 44.1 KHz, or 48 KHz. You also can send us entire Logic Sessions. You will get your mixdown in the format you wish. Primarily we provide the original mix in 48 KHz 24 Bit, plus a pre-master in 44.1 KHz 16 Bit.

How long does a mixing take?

We mix in about one to three days per song. If you need a mixing fast, please get in touch with us, we can arrange mixing for you in a few days.

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