Frank Moedebeck – Tagträumer

Out on: deep Rhymes Music


Tagträumer (Dreamer on english) Is a very hypnotic, Emotional and beautiful ep from the German producer Frank Moedebeck aka Mr.F.

His songs are arising from the feeling of a moment, an inspiration, a vibration, a beat..

Includes an amazing remix from Frank Hurman from Spain to complete this EP.

Frank, began a classic education on keyboard instruments and drums with only seven years. His interest on electronic music was awakened in the 90s by DJs like Westbam, Sven Väth, Afrika Bambaataa and Paul van Dyk.

He loved also the music of the 80’s which influences and inspires him until today in alot of his tracks.

Please Welcome To Deep Rhymes to Frank Moedebeck.


Release: DRM001EP

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