Music Production


Composition and Arrangement usually referred to as Music Production process. In plain words we will develop your outline utilizing the latest analog tools as well as digital technology, virtual instruments as well as live recording and various sample  libraries. Our staff can produce an environment suitable to your style, sound and composition in keeping with todays record standards, bringing your “snapshot” into full focus.

We produce high-quality customized music for individual customers, TV or Film production companies. We provide integrated custom score composition, recording, and production of music for visual media, Dj’s and Artist in general.

Also, If you have a production and want to take it to the next level we can help you to  take the next step. We have been producing with a vast number of DJs and producers over the last years, our productions was played by DJ from Carl Cox to Roger Sanchez, got releases on labels like Spinnin or Nervous and even some in top charts..

Send your request to studio@musiczonerecords.com for a Customized budget

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